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Title: IMatch 2021.8.4 released
Post by: Mario on August 12, 2021, 08:42:23 PM
Release Notes

All changes, enhancements and bug fixes included in this version are explained in the release notes.
Click here now to read the Release Notes (

Don't forget to read release notes of previous versions if you have skipped one or more updates.


IMPORTANT: The update check is broken on some computers (see release notes). You need to manually log into the customer portal and download this update.
This update includes the bug fix for the update check, so the check for update will work again in 2021.8.4 and later.


As usual when installing new software, make a backup of your data, including your IMatch database.
For more info about backup see the Backup help topic in the IMatch help (

To manage and download all your licensed products, open the customer portal (