Keyword and/or Category entry field for Event database categories

Started by plastikman, April 08, 2020, 01:22:53 PM

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Similar to how I can assign keywords to a Person in the People Manager (using the keywords field), I would like to do the same in the Event Manager. The problem is that every Event is unique and it therefore is pointless to assign them automatically to the event. However, it would be useful if the categories would have this option since they are generic (e.g. Birthday -> Event | Birthday, Holiday > Event | Holiday etc. An other option would be a checkbox option to add the Category name as a Keyword "Event | Category Name". I think the first option is more flexible, as it allows for more than 1 keyword and also for linking it to the Thesaurus. Currently, I feel I am doing a lot of double work here while I would like to work like this:

  • Select a group of photos
  • Create event
  • Add properties
  • Repeat for sub-events within the event

When done right, ideally this should greatly minimize keyword entry, metadata entry (e.g. link this to Event field in XMP) and custom data-driven category creation.


I think when tagging photos, the four main classifications are:

  • Who -> People Manager
  • When -> Event(s) e.g. in my case they overlap e.g. a birthday during a holiday
  • What -> Object(s)
  • Where -> Location/place

I haven't dug into the Where aspect yet but I think these 4 categories each warrant a database/properties approach similar to the People Manager.


Even if old:


BTW: is there a way to make subevents? I'm thinking especially of repeating events, like e.g. Birthdays.
I'm thinking about something like
Birthday -> Person A -> 2018
                               -> 2017
                               -> 2016
             -> Person B -> 2017
                               -> 2016

At least adding keywords to events, so it is possible to filter them more detailed


I have not used Events, yet. But this foldering/grouping of events like hierachical categories would be nice.
Maybe it is a feature already, I just need a workflow.


Quote from: plastikman on April 08, 2020, 01:22:53 PMSimilar to how I can assign keywords to a Person in the People Manager (using the keywords field), I would like to do the same in the Event Manager. ....
I second this suggestion. currently, imatch events are propriotary and cannot be transferred to other applications. Therefore I would like to be able to write the events as keywords.


An event has about 20 properties/attributes.
It would be kinda hard to somehow "map" these into keywords.

You can export events to files in JSON format, which can be read/processed by scripts and applications.

If you assign persons to events, the event "inherits" the keywords assigned to these persons.
If you create data-driven categories based on variables like "Events.Category" or "Events.Persons" or "Events.City" you automatically group files by events.

I think everything that you request is already there?
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As asked at the begining post, it is only needed to write one or more keywords from the event. Exactly the same function as already implemented in the people manager. Since imatch 2017 i did this manually without the feature "Events" to have it in keyword driven categories. The point is - i just want to have all the logic also in my files / .xmp sidecars to avoid any propriety solution.