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IMatch – Categories

In the Category View you work with IMatch categories. Categories enable you to automatically and manually organize your files by whatever criteria you want. Organize files by persons shown, clients, projects, locations, taxonomies, …

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IMatch – Collections

Collections automatically organize your files by criteria such as rating, label, bookmarks, flags or when a file was added, last updated or viewed. Other collections group your files by face tags or annotations you have added to them.

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IMatch – Editing Keywords

Viewing, adding and editing keywords is one of the major tasks for a digital asset management system. IMatch excels in this area by providing a dedicated keyword editor with flexible and powerful features.

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IMatch – Editing Metadata

Editing metadata is one of the core features of any digital asset management system. The Metadata Panel in IMatch is fully customizable and includes sophisticated tools like pick lists, spell checking, favorites and the IMatch universal thesaurus. These features reduce the amount of manual work and typing considerably – while improving the metadata quality and consistency.

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IMatch – File Windows

File Windows display files in customizable layouts, hierarchies and sort orders. Here is where you do most of your digital asset management work. The file window offers powerful commands to copy, move, rename and delete files, to ‘open’ files in other applications, or to work with stacks and versions.

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IMatch – GPS data and the Map Panel

The Map Panel in IMatch allows you to see the geo-location of files with embedded GPS coordinates and to add and edit GPS coordinates interactively.

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IMatch – Timeline

In the Timeline View IMatch organizes your files automatically by the date they were created.

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IMatch – Viewing Images

The main feature for viewing, rating and culling images in IMatch is the Viewer. This module can display up to 8 images side-by-side, allows you to work with ratings, labels, collections and annotations.

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IMatch – Workspace

IMatch offers multiple views on the files you manage. This is the Media & Folders view, where you work with physical entities such as drives, folders and network shares. Other Views exist for Categories, Collections and the Timeline.