IMatch Frequently Asked Questions

This page has answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about IMatch. General Questions What is IMatch do? IMatch is an Advanced Digital Asset Management  (DAM) software for Windows. What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)? Digital Asset Management provides solutions to store, organize, find, retrieve, view, process, print and share digital files. Why do

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Uninstalling IMatch 5 after installing IMatch 2019

If you install IMatch 2019, it automatically migrates all IMatch 5 settings, presets and other data. This allows you to run IMatch 5 and IMatch 2017 side-by-side, e.g., while you are testing things or migrate your scripts. Uninstalling IMatch 5 After Installing IMatch 2019 When you’re ready to switch to IMatch 2019, you can uninstall

IMatch 2017 – What’s New?

The Even Better DAM:  Over 50 New Features and Enhancements! IMatch uses an agile development model. This means that updates are shipped often and that these updates not only include bug fixes but also enhancements and new features. All updates are free of charge and covered by your license. This development model is the best