Uninstalling IMatch 5 after installing IMatch 2019

If you install IMatch 2019, it automatically migrates all IMatch 5 settings, presets and other data. This allows you to run IMatch 5 and IMatch 2017 side-by-side, e.g., while you are testing things or migrate your scripts.

Uninstalling IMatch 5 After Installing IMatch 2019

When you’re ready to switch to IMatch 2019, you can uninstall IMatch 5 using the standard Windows uninstall process: Windows control panel > Add/Remove Software.

Windows will not delete the %PROGRAMDATA%\photools.com\IMatch5 and %APPDATA%\photools.com\IMatch5 folder hierarchies when uninstalling IMatch 5. This is usually a good thing, because it keeps all your settings, custom presets and templates in place when you have to reinstall IMatch for whatever reason.


Some special Windows folders are named differently by different Windows versions. We use here the corresponding environment variables %PROGRAMDATA% (all users and applications) and %APPDATA% (per-user data) to refer to these folders. Usually they resolve to:

%PROGRAMDATA%: C:\ProgramData
%APPDATA%: C:\Users\YOUR-USER-NAME\AppData\Roaming

Deleting the Folders Manually

There is not really a need to do this, but if you are a tidy person and you want to free some disk space, you can delete the IMatch 5 folders in Windows Explorer. Delete

%PROGRAMDATA%\photools.com\IMatch5 and %APPDATA%\photools.com\IMatch5.

Before You Delete…


Make a backup of the imatch5 folder hierarchy (maybe skip the preview cache folder, because its big). Keep this backup for a couple of weeks, just in case.

Open Edit > Preferences > Application in IMatch and check that all folder options use the imatch6 and not the imatch5 folders:

  • Presets Folder
  • Dictionary Folder
  • User Dictionary Folder
  • Settings Database file name

The Settings Database

IMatch stores all settings in a central database named IMatch5.pts (IMatch.pts for IMatch 2019 and later). The location and name of this database is a user-configurable setting (Edit > Preferences > Application: Settings database filename).

IMatch 2019 does not change the name or location of this database.
This means that it continues to use the settings database used by IMatch 5. Before you delete the IMatch5 folder hierarchy, copy over the imatch5.pts file into the …imatch6 folder hierarchy and update the corresponding file name in Edit > Preferences > Application.

The Preview Cache Folder

In Edit > Preferences > Cache also check the location of the IMatch preview cache folder.

When migrating settings from IMatch 5 to IMatch 2019, IMatch does not move or duplicate the preview cache folder. This would waste a lot of disk space and take a long time. Instead, it keeps the original cache folder location, which is by default %PROGRAMDATA%\photools.com\IMatch5\previewcache.

If you want to remove the IMatch5 folders, move the preview cache folder from …IMatch5\previewcache to …IMatch6\previewcache and update the corresponding setting in Edit > Preferences > Cache:

IMatch Cache Settings

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