Upgrading from IMatch 5 to IMatch 5.5

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We’re very happy to announce that IMatch 5.5 has been released.

Its predecessor IMatch 5.0 was released in June 2014. Since then we’ve created and delivered over 50 (fifty!) updates free of charge – each packed with new features, enhancements and the occasional bug fix.

IMatch 5.5. represents a major milestone version. It contains about 100 changes, several major new features, enhancements for existing functionality, performance improvements and bug fixes. It has been developed in close relation with the fabulous IMatch user base. We’re very proud about IMatch 5.5 and we’re sure you will like it a lot. Roll-out has started on December 3., and many users are already working with IMatch 5.5 every day.

IMatch 5.5 Release Notes

Follow this link for an overview of all the new features in IMatch 5.5.

How to get IMatch 5.5

IMatch 5.5 is a regular upgrade to IMatch 5. No special update procedure is required. IMatch 5.5 opens your existing databases, all your settings and customizations are kept. You just download and install it, like any regular update.

Free Upgrade

If you have purchased IMatch 5 after April 30. 2015, you get IMatch 5.5 for free. Your license has been already upgraded to include IMatch 5.5. Just log into the customer web site using your email and existing license key to download it immediately.

We have extended the standard 6 months grace period to almost 8 months this time – to be extra fair.

Regular Upgrade

If you have purchased IMatch 5 before May 1., you can upgrade to IMatch 5.5 with a special discount of 40%. Just log into the customer web site using your email and license key. Your personal discount voucher and instructions on how to upgrade are shown right at the top.

IMatch 5.5 Upgrade Voucher

The Upgrade Process

The upgrade process is quick and secure. Our distributor Share-it sends you an email with your new license key immediately after your purchase has been processed. To download IMatch 5.5, log into the customer web site with your email and the new license key contained in the email you’ll receive from Share-it.

Contact us if you have questions.

Installing IMatch 5.5

After downloading, install IMatch 5.5 as usual. It automatically detects your existing IMatch installation and upgrades it. You can also install IMatch 5.5 when no previous version of IMatch 5 is installed.

Why Upgrade?

The Windows operating system changes, image and file formats change, metadata standards change, …

Since IMatch is under continuous development (updates are released about every four weeks), we always stay ahead and can improve the software with each release. You get bug fixes quickly and your productivity is improved by new features and other enhancements included in the regular updates.

You continue to get free support directly from the developers via email and also in the awesome IMatch user community. Response times of merely hours are the standard, not the exception. If a bug is found in IMatch, it is not unusual that an update with a bug fix is shipped within days. You don’t get that level of support that often anymore these days.

End of Support

Support for IMatch versions older than 5.5 will end on June 3. 2016. This is in accordance with our End of Support policy. No updates will be shipped anymore for IMatch versions prior to 5.5 from now on.

Trying out IMatch 5.5

The easiest process is to purchase the upgrade and then download and install IMatch 5,5. Your existing IMatch installation will be upgraded in-place and you can work with IMatch 5.5. after only a few minutes.

If you want to try out IMatch 5.5, before you upgrade, you can install the free 30-day trial version. It will replace your existing IMatch 5 version with the IMatch 5.5 trial version.

Please note the following critical points:

You cannot install multiple versions of IMatch 5 at the same time on the same computer. Installing the trial version will replace your existing licensed version of IMatch. If you don’t want to upgrade to IMatch 5, you have to un-install IMatch 5.5. trial via the Windows control panel and then re-install your old IMatch version.

If you decide to upgrade to IMatch 5.5 after installing the trial version, just install the licensed version of IMatch 5.5. It detects the trial version and converts it into licensed version automatically. No further steps required.

Trial versions of IMatch only allow read-only access to databases older than 30 days. This includes your existing databases. You can, however, create a new database with the trial version and work with it in writable mode for 30 days without restrictions.

IMatch 5.5 includes new features and also ships with a new version of ExifTool. This requires updates to existing databases. As usual, IMatch automatically performs the required updates when an older database is opened for the first time.

The new 5.5 database format is no longer compatible with older IMatch versions. Make a backup copy of your database and your settings database before installing and using the trial version of IMatch 5.5. See Backup in the IMatch help for more information. If you decide not to upgrade, you can un-install the trial version, re-install your old IMatch version, restore your database from backup and continue to work with the old IMatch version.

Like with all IMatch updates, it makes sense not only to backup your database, but also your settings, presets, scripts etc. If you don’t backup your system daily (which you should!) you can back up your database, settings etc. easily using the Pack & Go utility included in IMatch. Just run it from the Database > Tools menu in IMatch. See the IMatch help system for details.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or visit the photools.community.

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