IMatch 5.5 Released

We are very happy to announce version 5.5 of our digital asset management software IMatch.

Since IMatch 5's initial release in June 2014, we shipped over 50 (!) updates to all users,  free of charge.
Each update included new features, enhancements for existing functionality, bug fixes and performance improvements.

IMatch 5.5, released in December 2015, is based on this robust and tested framework. It introduces several new major features and over 100 other changes and enhancements.

How to upgrade to IMatch 5.5

Follow this link for information on how to upgrade your IMatch installation.

The following text explains some of the major changes. Please see the Release Notes in the IMatch help system for full details.

Fastest Viewer Ever

The Viewer in IMatch 5.5 has been upgraded to use the latest GPU-based rendering technology for super-fast and accurate image display. Using the same technology as modern computer games, IMatch now utilizes the graphic card (GPU) in your system to load and display even very large image files quickly.

Zooms are smooth between 10% and 800%. Dive zoom is instantaneous. Panning, even for large 36, 48 or even 80 MP pixels is super-quick. The Viewer can display up to 8 image files at the same time, with fully synchronized pan and zoom. You now can also unlink the Viewer panels, to zoom and pan each image individually.

The improved pre-loader technology loads images in advance in the background, allowing for almost instant switching between files in the Viewer. This means that you can flip between files in the Viewer faster than ever.

All New Quick View Panel

The Quick View panel has been upgraded to use the same hardware-based rendering technology as the Viewer. This means that the Quick View panel now displays images faster, allows for instant dive-zooms, supports arbitrary zoom levels between 10% and 800% and also uses the new pre-loader for adaptive loading of images in the background.

Intuitive <Alt>-Zoom

Both the Viewer and the Quick View panel allow you to zoom into images by left-clicking the spot you want to focus on, and then moving the mouse while holding down the <Alt> key. This way you can fluidly zoom in and out between 10% and 800% - very similar to touch gestures you perform on tablets or smart phones.

IMatch Design & Print

One of the most requested features for IMatch was printing. Users like to create photo books, contact sheets or other documents, and why not support this in your favorite DAM?

Print Document 1

A classic portfolio, printed in a 21 x 21 format.

The new Design & Print feature, accessible via the Import & Export panel, makes this now possible. It uses a unique approach, which allows you to create and reuse templates with different sets of images. You can create photo books or portfolios in in the classic way, by creating a document and then adding pages and arranging images, text, graphics and other objects on these pages. Text containers are live, which means they can access data stored in the IMatch database . This gives you full access to image metadata, Attribute data and the functionality provided by IMatch variables.

Print Document 2

Sample pages from a photo book created with IMatch Design & Print. The screen shot shows the Preview view, which currently displays 8 pages of a document created in IMatch Design & Print.

Dynamic Templates

What makes IMatch printing so unique, are the Dynamic Templates. This template type enables you to create documents which work with any number of images when you run them. The templates adapt to the number and type of files, automatically pages, adding covers, headers, footers and chapters based on the options set in the template.

Dynamic Templates can be configured to automatically structure the output document based on the hierarchy in the files. This makes it easy to layout a photo book or contact sheet series e.g., using IMatch categories. This template type is ideal for reoccurring print projects like contact sheets, reports, hand outs for clients and similar.

Print Document 3

A sample contact sheet created with a Dynamic Template. It displays the images, and also selected metadata. This template works whether you run it with 1, 10 or 1000 files.

Using the new Design & Print features allows you to create sophisticated outputs on all connected printers, and PDF and XPS documents using installed print drivers. In addition, you can output each page to individual image files (JPG, PNG, TIFF), which allows you to produce output for professional print services or web upload.

Selected New Features in IMatch 5.5

Dedicated File Categories Panel

This new panel displays the categories of all currently selected files - similar to the Current tab in the standard Categories panel. But this panel operates independently from the Categories panel, which makes it much easier to see and edit categories at the same time.

New Map Panel Features

The Goto File command allows you to locate the file matching a Map flag quickly.

The Find Nearby commands for location and target markers allow you find all files within a given radius.

The Map Panel

Locating nearby files directly in the Map Panel.

Stacking and Versioning

Several new commands and usability enhancements have been added to the Stacking and Versioning features. Please see the IMatch help system for details.


Methods have been added to the scripting object model which enable you to run Print jobs directly from scripts, and to enumerate available print templates created by the user.

Release Notes

For a full list and details about all changes in IMatch 5.5, please see the official Release Notes topic in the IMatch help system. IMatch uses an agile development model and new versions are released about every four weeks. The Release Notes in the help file are always up-to-date.


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