The QR Code App

Did you know that you can transfer data from the digital asset management system IMatch to your smart phone quickly using the QR Code App? You can then share it, email it and use it for any other purpose.

To use this App, open an App Panel in IMatch via View > Panels > App Panel (keyboard shortcut: <F9>,<1>) and then select the QR Code App from the drop-down list at the top.

If a file is selected in the File Window, the App displays the file type, file name, the headline and the description taken from the XMP metadata. The same information is automatically encoded and rendered as a standard QR code, ready to be picked up by your smart phone.

The QR Code App

Rendering data with the QR Code App (click for larger view)

Just point your smart phone towards the App Panel and use your favorite QR reader app on the smart phone to transfer the data from IMatch to your phone.

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