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Digital Document Management Software Creator Releases Latest Generation

photools, creator of popular digital image management software IMatch, releases its fifth generation with expanded capabilities.

USINGEN, GERMANY—Digital asset management software is something that professionals of all kinds use, from photographers to scientists, librarians to police officers. photools’ IMatch has been a popular workflow tool since its beginning in 1998. Now photools has released its fifth generation, IMatch 5, which has several new features to help keep digital assets in order.

While the older versions of IMatch were designed to manage only digital images, the new version has been designed to manage all kinds of digital assets, including digital images, video, and audio files as well as Office and PDF documents and many other file formats. “IMatch 5 is still strongly focused on managing digital images,” said its creator Mario M. Westphal. “IMatch is broadening its user base to serve image-based industries as well as other file management-dependent industries.”

Westphal has spent the past three years developing and beta testing IMatch 5 to offer features that are typically only available from corporate-level, high-priced software. “IMatch 5 is one of the few vendor-independent digital asset management solutions,” said Westphal. “The quality and price point of IMatch makes it a popular system used by thousands of people in more than 60 countries.”

In addition to IMatch 5’s expanded file capabilities, the program also features a completely redesigned and streamlined user interface, enabling an even faster workflow for amateurs and professionals alike. “I have incorporated approximately 100 new features and some unique extensions that are available exclusively in my software,” said Westphal. “Those who are used to older versions will be delighted by its expanded capabilities.”

Users who own a license for IMatch 3.5 or any later version of the software will receive a 40 percent discount on the purchase of an upgrade to the fifth generation. Review copies are available per request.

About photools

The creator of photools, Mario M. Westphal, has developed digital image management software for more than 15 years. His software IMatch is favored by photographers from amateurs to professionals, including photo agencies, graphic artists, archivists, and other professionals using digital documents. For more information, visit


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