IMatch 5 Released

June 2014 is proud to announce the long awaited generation 5 of IMatch. After nearly one year of Beta testing with hundreds of users from all over the world, we finally released IMatch 5 officially today.


The IMatch 5 main workspace window. Click for a larger view.

IMatch is a professional digital asset management system. Like it’s predecessor IMatch 3, IMatch 5 has a strong focus on managing digital images. But it also manages videos and audio files, Office documents, PDF documents and many other digital file formats.


Managing private photos with IMatch 5. See the Emma user profile for all details.

Information about IMatch 5

The IMatch 5 page has all the information about IMatch 5.


A free 30-day trial version of IMatch 5 is available. You can also download the help file separately if you want to learn about all IMatch 5 features before downloading and installing the trial version.

Please go to the download section for all downloads.

Upgrading to IMatch 5

Users with a license for IMatch 3.5 or later can upgrade to IMatch 5 for a discounted price.
See this page for detailed information.


The IMatch 5 web site.

Download the free IMatch 5 trial version. announcement for IMatch 5. discussion thread about the official release of IMatch 5.

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